For Clearance or Certification:
Just send us your message and we will process it as soon as possible. Kindly fill-out the form shown in this page and click "SUBMIT". Don't forget to upload clear copy of the request and its supporting documents in one (1) single file in PDF format.

  I. Retirement / Promotion / Schooling / ETAD / Leave To Be Spent Abroad
     For Army: (1) Basic Request, (2) Major Svc Provost Marshal, and (3) DLO.
     For PAF/NAVY: (1) Basic Request, (2) Major Svc Provost Marshal, or DLO.
  II. Loans
     For AFP Personnel: (1) Basic Request, (2) Payslip (he/she must have atleast 15K and above net-takehome-pay).
     For Below 15K minimum: an applicant must provide an authorization from UNIT COMMANDER allowing him/her to acquire/renew such loan despite of his/her below minimum net-takehome-pay.